the ElementalPhotoBlog

Hello and welcome to the ElementalPhotoBlog

I am a passionate landscape and wildlife photographer, and the ElementalPhotoBlog is where I document my experiences out in the field.


There is the blog, which I try to keep adding to, two galleries that contain a selection of my favourite landscape and wildlife images, the Weekly Wander, showcasing images or literature that has caught my eye during the week and, from the 25th of May, my print store will be available here as well.

All the posts go onto the “blog” page by default,  so you can find every article there.

Please like and subscribe if you like what I do – click on the drop-down menu above to see the subscribe option. You don’t have to be a WordPress user, just an email address is all you need


5 thoughts on “the ElementalPhotoBlog

  1. So glad to come across your blog. I dabble in photography. Don’t own sophisticated equipment. But love capturing what I see when I travel and sharing it on our blog Oh, the Places We See. Thanks for following us. We’ll do the same. What fun to see what you’ll capture and publish for all of us readers.


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