About Me

Thank you for visiting my site. I am an amateur landscape and wildlife photographer, working on a range of different photographic projects.

All my posts go onto my “blog” page,  so you can find  my articles there, and I also have a gallery, and my photo of the week section. Please like and subscribe if you like what I do, and comments are always welcome! To get the best from the blog, make sure you click the heading of the article – that way you get the proper display of the images that go with each post.

A word about Equipment

I use Canon, always have and I suspect always will, amazing cameras with fantastic glass. I am using two models at the moment, a 7D mark II which I have owned since new, and a full frame 5D mark I which I bought second hand online. The 7D gets the most use, it has the higher resolution sensor, and is compatible with all of my lenses, but the 5D makes a fantastic back-up body, and I regularly use it if I’m working with a telephoto on the 7D; having the 5D with a prime lens on saves having to try and change lenses while out in the field – guaranteed to get dust on the sensor!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So glad to come across your blog. I dabble in photography. Don’t own sophisticated equipment. But love capturing what I see when I travel and sharing it on our blog Oh, the Places We See. Thanks for following us. We’ll do the same. What fun to see what you’ll capture and publish for all of us readers.


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